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Q & A Discussion with Pastor Brian

Pre-recorded episodes will be posted on this page as they are released.


Submit your questions to or


  • Monthly Live Stream (This page, FaceBook, YouTube)

1st Thursday of each month @ 7:00pm.

During the Live Episode, questions can be texted to

352-400-9508 or posted in the comments section under the live Facebook feed.

Episode 2 - April 24, 2020



The Unpardonable Sin, Grieving/

Quenching the Holy Spirit, Assurance of Salvation



The Glory of Heaven by John MacArthur

The Cross and Christian Ministry by DA Carson

Jonathan Edwards Sermon:

Episode 1 - April 17, 2020



Witnessing, Sharing the Gospel, Evangelism, the Work of the Spirit, Roles of Women in Church Ministry



Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer

Tell the Truth by Will Metzger

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