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Men & Women

Men's Weekly Discipleship Groups

discipleship, study, prayer and encouragement


Robert Vitter:

Tuesdays 12-1pm @ Church: Gospel According to Jesus

Ben Gavrun:

Saturdays 6:30am @ Church: God's Good News,The Gospel

Brian Sullivan:

Saturdays 6:30am @ Papa J's: Gospel According to Jesus


Scott Lee:

Saturdays 8am @ Wenck's House: Book of Romans

Please contact Brian Sullivan at 352-400-9508 for more information.

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Cutting Cake

Women's Groups

Ladies' Bible Study

Tuesdays 9am @ Church Pavilion

Contact: Sarah Santini 734-262-4494 or

Liz Gavrun 828-850-3163

Ladies' Prayer Breakfast

1st & 3rd Tuesdays 10am @ The Hen House

206 Tompkins St.Inverness

Contact: Barbara Higdon 352-201-8961 or

Edith Wagnon 352-201-4812

Ladies' Prayer Gathering

Alternating Sundays 5:30pm @ Georgia's House

Contact: Sharon O'Donnell 786-317-2352 or

Ann Lee 352-464-2501

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